This Christmas, Buy Your Kid a Model of Iron Maiden’s Ed Force One

  • Axl Rosenberg

Raise your hand if you were every uncool enough to make a model airplane (or car, or anything I guess). Don’t lie! I know some of you have done it. I myself do not mind admitting that I went through a phase — I must have been about eight or nine — when I made a bunch of WWII fighter plans with my old man. I think we stopped because, frankly, patience is not one of my virtues, and it does require patience to put these things together (there’s a lot of waiting for things to dry involved).

But now I’m feeling sentimental and thinking I might take another try at this whole model building thing, ’cause Iron Maiden and model manufacturers Revell are teaming up to make a limited edition model plane of Ed Force One, the band’s totally badass private jet that Bruce Dickinson pilots during tours.

Unfortunately, that’s everything we know right now. Seriously. No approximate release date, no pre-order links, no mention of skill level (which is a thing in model building — it’s like martial arts for the unwillingly chaste!), no mention as to whether or not the kit includes a little teeny Bruce Dickinson to stick in the pilot’s seat. I guess that gives me time to start stockpiling glue. Hopefully the model comes out before I’ve used it all for, uh, other endeavors.

Massive hugs to Emperor Rhombus for both bringing this story to my attention and supplying me with a delightful headline.

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