Deftones’ Stephen Carpenter and Cypress Hill’s B-Real Return to the Smokebox


Yoooo, so I’m no writer. I never claimed to be! But when the MetalSucks homies ask me to do an assignment, I roll up to the call like the fucking Bat Signal, you know what I’m saying?

For those unfamiliar with Chino Wongeno, my MetalSucks debut was last year’s review of Riot Fest in Denver, as told through my drunk, ripped in the clouds, ranting voice recordings. That shit was like Gary Busey spittin’ Shakespeare in between bong rips to the dome. You can check that ill shit out right HERE.

So Axl hollas at me like “Yo dog, this assignment is right up your alley, son. Chino Wongeno must roll up once more. The video below is like the fucking trifecta of what Chino is all about.”

The said trifecta is B-Real from Cypress Hill rockin’ his Smoke Box interview series with the Sac Town hero Stephen Carpenter from the Deftones on location at this year’s SoCal cannabis cup. Needless to say, shit got smoky in the van. In his chill ass, Sac Town vibe, Stephen drops his thoughts on the virtue of dabs, and weed culture in general. In addition to dropping skills on the guitar for Deftones, dude knows his weed, yo. He definitely keeps with his Sac Town roots in citing OG Kush as his favorite strain even though he’s feeling the concentrates right now. Peep the rest of the video and cop the new Deftones album dropping on the 4/8 (that’s a weed pun for the bud enthusiasts out there). Peace!

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