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Sixx:A.M. are Good to You… Be Good to Them!


I quite enjoy Sixx:A.M, Nikki Sixx’s side-ish project of the past ten years. It’s more hard rock than metal, sure, but it’s the kind of hard rock that metalheads should be able to get behind: it’s got enough balls for anyone who grew up on Guns N’ Roses, Motley Crue and Skid Row, it’s supremely well-written and catchy and, best of all, it isn’t stupid and mook-ish. No modern “active rock” radio BS here, just really, really good songs. Sixx:A.M. also serves as a de facto case study of Motley Crue’s success; who do you think wrote all those hits? James Michael is a fine vocalist (no yarling, thank goodness) and DJ Ashba is a fine guitarist too (Slash complex be damned), but let’s not fool ourselves about who the driving force is here. It’s a good package, though.

Here’s “You Have Come to the Right Place,” from the first volume of Sixx:A.M.’s double-album Prayers for the Damned, out April 29th via Eleven Seven. Like I said, it’s rockin’ and it’s good and it has a hook the size of Texas, so unless you eat nothing but Br00tal-O’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner every single day of the week you’ll probably dig it. Check out previously released track “Rise,” too.

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