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You Need to Be Listening to Vektor


Vektor - Terminal ReduxVektor are the sleeper awesome new wave thrash band, the one doing the most innovative shit with the least acclaim, and it’s a damn shame. MS commenter FrankWhiteKingofNY nailed it with the following comment on our post about the band’s March single, “Charging the Void:”

Vektor comment

Wholeheartedly agree. Vektor should be up there with Revocation in the category of “bands doing super awesome shit that’s based on thrash but isn’t really thrash.” Their music, like the former’s, has a major death metal tint, and there’s some super tasty guitar work in “Pillars of Sand,” the latest track they’ve released. I’m also feeling some serious Arsis vibes here in the way the melodies are constructed. This is a song to listen to, then listen to again, then again — it’s full of good ear candy, it’s complex, AND it’s catchy.

Jam it below, and check out Terminal Redux album tracks “Charging the Void” and “Ultimate Artificer.” Terminal Redux comes out May 6th via Earache; pre-order here.

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