Stone Temple Pilots To Begin Singer Auditions, Plan Live Show with Corey Taylor


Since the death of Scott Weiland and the departure of Chester Bennington, Stone Temple Pilots have been doing their damnedest to find a new singer, and have even opened up auditions to the public in the hopes of finding some brilliant unknown.

Now, The PRP reports that the band has narrowed down their search to a short list of candidates, and will begin auditions on April 18th.

The band released the following statement:

“Hi everyone.

“We wanted to once again thank all of those who took the time to submit. Thank you kindly.

“Those of you that put forth your top 3 candidates and singer suggestions was a great help as well. Thank you for that.

“With MANY hours clocked in behind the computer, the 3 of us have chosen and are auditioning some very talented people.

“Auditions will start on April 18th.

“We are thrilled to get in a room with each of these very talented individuals.

“Let the good times roll.

Robert, Eric, Dean”

It’ll be interesting to see who the band chooses. But certain factors are pointing towards the band hiring someone who’s pretty established already: Slipknot/Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor.

Our own Brian Storm posted via Rockfeed that the band intends to perform with Taylor at the Adopt the Arts Honors on Thursday, May 12th (they’re also performing with Courtney Love, which raises a lot of questions about their judgment). As Storm mentions, this could easily be Taylor’s STP audition. Between Corey’s voice in Stone Sour and his open love for STP, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he was brought on as their frontman.

And honestly? I think that’s a great match. Stone Sour showed that Taylor’s voice has a lot of range and works really well in that mainstream rock yarler sort of way. Even Slipknot has leveled out a bit in recent years, probably in part due to the death of bassist Paul Gray; .5: The Gray Chapter was good, but definitely continued on the path of more pop-friendly and emo rock tunes. The fact that Taylor’s a longtime fan could only further bolster his dedication to making the band and its fans a priority, which might be able to save their reputation and honor Weiland’s legacy.

Stay tuned for more news about STP, Taylor, and the audition process. We know that one question remains on all your minds: is Peter Dolving still in the running?!

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