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Exclusive EP Stream: Imperial Triumphant’s Inceste


Imperial Triumphant - Inceste

What sets Manhattan’s Imperial Triumphant apart from the eighteen billion other bands that are a part of black metal’s oversaturated scene? Yeah, they’ve got the rad riffs and vicious vocals (our own Emperor Rhombus once called their music “a miserable hopeless soundscape of despair and addiction”), but that’s obviously not what makes them truly unique. No no no — what really makes Imperial Triumphant stand out is the way their music always sounds kinda, well… wobbly.

We know that’s a strange word to use as a compliment towards a metal band, but listen to Imperial Triumphant’s new EP, Inceste, and you’ll understand what we mean: this band sounds like Satan and his minions hit the bar and got totally hammered. The off-kilter nature of their sound lends Imperial Triumphant an extra edge of volatility — and THAT’s what makes Imperial Triumphant special. In a sea of bands that are trying to be both dangerous and unorthodox, Imperial Triumphant are one of the few that actually succeed.

Check out Inceste below (that was a weird phrase to type)! It comes out April 15 on Redefining Darkness Records. Pre-order physical and digital editions here. The band also kicks off a West Coast tour TONIGHT before coming home to NYC. Here are dates:

Apr 11 – Highline – Seattle, WA
Apr 12 – Old Nick’s Pub – Eugene, OR
Apr 13 – Starlite Lounge – Sacramento, CA
Apr 14 – The Golden Bull – Oakland, CA
Apr 15 – The Bancroft – Spring Valley, CA
Apr 16 – 5 Star Ball – Los Angeles, CA
Apr 28 – Saint Vitus – Brooklyn, NY

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