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Is Metalocalypse Coming Back After All?

  • Axl Rosenberg

Was last year’s petition to revive Metalocalypse a success after all? I honestly have no idea, but two pieces of evidence have emerged over the past few days to suggest that it, the single greatest animated series about a super-rich death metal band ever produced may, indeed, be headed back to the airwaves.

Either that, or the Adult Swim people are total dicks.


Metal Injection reports Dethklok mastermind Brendon Small posted the following over the weekend:

What I’ve been working on the last few months…

A photo posted by @brendonsmall on

The visible elements of the photo are the phrase “The Next Record” and “A.D.S.”; a Metal Injection reader points out that “A.D.S.” could stand for “Army of the Doomstar,” which The Dethklok Wikia says “is the (potential) upcoming finale to Metalocalypse and sequel to Metalocalypse: The Doomstar Requiem.”


Adult Swim, the network which originally aired Metalocalypse, now has this on their landing page:

adult swim metalocalypse petition

Which seems pretty neat… until you realize they’re referring NOT to a petition to make Adult Swim bring back Metalocalypse, but, rather, to a petition to make Adult Swim sign a petition to make Adult Swim bring back Metalocalypse.

The link leads to this incredibly silly petition, which is only soliciting 25 signatures, requires a 125 word (minimum) essay, and must be turned in via fax. If successful, then “we, Adult Swim, will add our name to the list demanding that we, Adult Swim, take action.” The petition also has a soundtrack of office noises, although why, I have no idea. Regardless, it seems pretty clear that this is just a gag.

Still, the timing seems odd, what we Small clearly hard at work on something secretive which itself appears potentially Dethklok-related. I’m hoping that Adult Swim’s joke, much like the humor in its programming, is just some weird stoner shit that doesn’t really make sense beyond “It’s funny.”

Stay tuned…

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