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Metal Musician Voter Guide: Which Candidate Does Your Favorite Artist Support?

  • Phil Boozeman

The 2016 U.S. Presidential election gets a little bit closer every day, and it seems like this time people are more vocal than ever, especially metal musicians. Although the vast majority of well-known heshers seem to support Bernie Sanders, we thought we’d do you all a solid and put together a list of your favorite artists and which candidate they support. As always, feel free to tell us who we missed and how wrong/stupid/whatever we are in the comments.

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders

Serj Tankian, System of a Down:

“When it comes to standing up to the oligarchs, leading the fight for civil rights, income equality, and so much more, no other politician has been so consistent and incorruptible as Bernie Sanders.”

Corey Taylor, Slipknot:

“There are too many candidates focused on dividing us, and not enough talking about bringing us together. And that’s one of the reasons why I support Bernie Sanders.”

David Draiman, Disturbed:

“… Since Hillary is hellspawn incarnate …, I feel that I have no choice but to throw my support behind the venerable Bernie Sanders.”

William DuVall, Alice In Chains:

“For quite awhile now, I’ve had to listen to a lot of mean-spirited talk from people who do not agree with us, saying they want their country back. But, of course, by ‘back,’ they mean ‘backwards.’ The thing is, I don’t wanna go backwards. ‘Cause that’s one of the reasons why I’m here tonight — ’cause I’m ‘feeling the Bern’ and I wanna take it forwards.”

Flea, Red Hot Chili Peppers: 

“I believe in him; I believe in what he says. I relate to people who realize that we’re all connected, and who realize that we have to look out for each other and love each other. And that’s what Bernie’s about.”

Scott Ian, Anthrax:

” … he’s the only one that will actually point out things that are wrong in America and he’s not bowing to the corporate fucking dollar or the NRA stronghold that America has become.”

Ben Orum, All Shall Perish:

“I believe that Bernie Sanders will lead the charge, with many millions of Americans behind him, against the unfettered Wall Street greed that has threatened the very existence of the middle class and shackled so many more to permanent poverty.”

Misha Mansoor, Periphery:

“So, Bernie Sanders went from being a refreshingly honest guy with no chance of winning to becoming a refreshingly honest guy who is a serious contender. What are your thoughts?”

Jake Bowen, Periphery:

“I support @BernieSanders for president of the United States.”

Hillary Clinton

Hilary Clinton

Courtney Love:

“I’m with her.”

Donald Drumpf

Donald Drumpf

Ted Nugent:

“Donald Drumpf is the hellraiser America has needed for a very longtime. He & Ted Cruz may be the only hope to end the criminal jihad on America by our own corrupt punkass government, media & bigBiz goons.”

Zolthan Bathory, Five Finger Death Punch:

“He said he will straighten out the country & if u think about it [Donald Drumpf] is already delivering that promise by shooting straight.”

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz

We couldn’t find any supporters, but did you know that Ted Cruz was not only the lead singer of 80s Christian metal band Stryper, but also the Zodiac killer?

metal questions

No Endorsement/Undecided

Jonathan Davis, Korn:

“They all suck. The fucking candidates, they all suck. Why can’t there be anyone good?

Dave Mustaine, Megadeth:

“someone who gave a shit, who wasn’t planted or paid off, who wasn’t a puppet, and who understood the word ‘servant.’”

Did we miss any prominent metal or rock musicians who have publicly expressed support for a candidate? Let us know via email at [email protected]!

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