Toothgrinder’s New Video Gives Us “Blue” Balls for Seeing Them Live


You guys: Toothrginder’s new album Nocturnal Masquerade. RIGHT??? 2016 is only a quarter over, but I’m confident it’ll end up on my “Best of 2016” list. It’s just that good. And also unexpected: watching this band mature from their last release to this one, mixing trace hard rock elements into their base of grindy, frenetic metal, has been incredibly rewarding, and they’ve done so with surprisingly finesse.

So: here’s Toothgrinder’s new video for the album track “Blue,” which just premiered at Lambgoat. You’ve heard this track before, and perhaps you even caught the band on tour with Killswitch Engage this spring, but why not take the opportunity to listen to it once more and watch them perform again up close and personal, and with LASERS??? You could also just ogle at Justin Matthews’ stupendously gorgeous hair, if you prefer.

Nocturnal Masquerade is out now. Grab it here.

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