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Video: Slovakian Moshers Light Themselves on Fire


The mosh pit is a crazy place. People toss around trash cans, melting nude people bounce furiously, sometimes crowd-killing dickheads get slammed by women. And, occasionally, people light themselves on fire. Occasionally.

Below is a video of fans at a show by California hardcore band Take Offense at Club Collosseum in Kosice, Slovakia, who decided to set themselves on fire before plunging into the mosh pit. Seeing as they’re literally burning, the other fans leave them be until they’ve discarded and stamped out their flaming clothes.


So, I hate to be a dad here, but 100% fuck these guys. I know, Shows used to be free-for-alls, you’re not allowed to be dangerous anymore, blah blah blah. But last year, I had to write so many posts about the Romanian club fire that left over thirty people dead because some assholes figured it wouldn’t be a problem to use pyro in a club full of people.

Concert venues are shitty places to play with fire. They’re full of easily-flammable soundproofing equipment and cleaning chemicals. Rarely are they up to code. And if there is a catastrophe, something tells me you’re not going to be as happy that hardcore got a chance to be crazy again.

So: cool video and all, but to all our readers in bands, please, please, please don’t do shit like this.

[via The PRP]

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