Meshuggah Release Brief Clip from the Studio

  • Axl Rosenberg

Do Meshuggah know that they are, in the eyes of most members of the metal community, freakin’ Gods? I’m inclined to say, “Yes, yes they are aware.”

My reasoning? They just released this clip from the studio, where they’re working on a new album, and… well… check it out for yourself:

Seriously?! That’s it?!?!?! They couldn’t have given us like ten seconds of one demo or something?

But that’s just it: Meshuggah know we all swing from their nuts. This video could have been Fredrik Thordendal making himself a salami sandwich, and not only would we all watch it, we’d all be like, “OH MY GOD! LOOK AT HIS TECHNIQUE! THE WAY HE LAYS DOWN THAT MUSTARD! SO MIND-BLOWING!”

In any case, we should have a new Meshuggah album sometime in the next year. Yay! Here’s some prior footage of Thordendal preparing a salami sandwich if you’re so inclined.

[via Metal Injection]

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