Babymetal are Super Mario Bros. Characters Now


In case you haven’t heard of Super Mario Maker yet — I hadn’t — it’s a classic side-scroller for the Nintendo Wii U that allows players to build their own levels based on the elements we all grew up with from the Super Mario Bros. franchise. Sweet idea, and way more useful/interactive than the made-up Super Mario levels my friends and I used to create by adjoining sheets of paper with crude pencil drawings of goombas and pipes on our bedroom floors!

The ability to play as different characters is also part of the game, with new ones added periodically. And as of April 28th (in Japan, anyway), players will be able to play as Su-Metal, Yuimetal and Moametal morphed together into a three-pronged Babymetal character! Best of all, the character shouts all sorts of Babymetal catch-phrases from their songs when it jumps and performs other actions. Check out the demo:

Completely ridiculous? Absolutely. But 100% fun? Yes yes yes.

[via The PRP]

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