Sebastian Bach Goes Out of His Way to Call Attention to a Negative Review


Sebastian Bach has really never grasped the concept of “turn the other cheek.” For years and years, the dude has been willingly giving press to people who say nasty things about him by publicly making a stink about those nasty things. For example: after beefing with the website Metal Sludge, that site called for all of its readers to attempt to get their picture taken with Baz while they were wearing a Metal Sludge shirt. Baz, in turn, had several fans who wearing such shirts ejected from meet n’ greets. Do you think this a) discouraged people from wearing Metal Sludge shirts when going to meet him, or b) helped sell Metal Sludge shirts and ensure that the trolls would continue to come out of the woodwork? If you guessed “b,” step right up and get yourself a prize.

Which is all a long-winded way of saying Baz should, at this point, know better than to respond to members of the media.

He does not.

According to Blabbermouth, after the website The Great Southern Brainfart wrote a less-than-favorable review of a recent Bach live show, the former Skid Row vocalist showed up on their Facebook page and provided scores of free publicity by being a real sissy crybaby face about the whole thing:


As a result of Baz’s behavior, we are now all going to read The Great Southern Brainfart’s unflattering review, and increase that site’s traffic 1,000%. As a result, no matter who Baz tells to keep them off the media list for future shows, they will be able to gain admittance because at the end of the day the people who make these decisions (i.e., not musicians) understand that there’s no such thing as bad publicity. In other words: Baz just did this dude a major favor. Good work, bruh!

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