Synthwave Sunday

Synthwave Sunday: Volkor X, “The Bomb”


Volkor X - This Means WarNot much is known about Volkor X, a mysterious synthwave artist who first popped up in the scene last year with a pair of two-song EPs. The only clues to his origins come in the Bandcamp liner notes for his forthcoming album This Means War, where Carpenter Brut is thanked and Soilwork’s Sylvain Coudret is credited with a guitar solo. Could he be from France? Probably. All the best synthwave artists are.

Not that it really matters in 2016. Key question: do the jams go hard? Yes, of course they do.

Check out “The Bomb” below, the first single from This Means War. That bass line is particularly tasty, the propulsive force for a hard-driving track, with an undulating apreggiated rhythm synth setting the mood. The lead synth melody on top is insanely strong, instantly memorable, ripe for getting stuck inside your brain after just one listen, and the mid-track guitar solo serves as the perfect exclamation point for a ripping track through and through. If all of This Means War grooves as hard as “The Bomb” we’re in for a real treat. I’m particularly interested in hearing Coudret’s contributions to the title track.

This Means War comes out June 10th on CD, cassette, vinyl and digitally; pre-order here. Check out Volkor X on Facebook and Twitter.

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