Video: Saturday Night Live Rips Apart Local Bands, Nu-Metal, and Crowdfunding


As a strong believer in tradition, I still suffer through Saturday Night Live every week. Not when it airs live, mind you — usually Sunday afternoons, when I can fast forward through unfunny (i.e., significant) portions of the show. And usually there’s at least enough to make me giggle that I don’t completely regret the use of my time.

One of the sketches that got me giggling during this week’s episode, which was hosted by recent Oscar winner Brie Larson (Room21 Jump Street): a video announcing a crowdfunding campaign for a fake nu-metal band, Discreet Annihilation. To tell you too much more would spoil the fun, so let me just say that this is one of those examples of satire that is only just barely satire — bands like this exist.


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