Fret Not, Jesus is Cool with Iron Maiden

  • Axl Rosenberg

As Iron Maiden fans, many of us worry about our Eternal Soul. After all, surely God can’t be cool with us with listening to the band arguably best known for a song and album called The Number of the Beast, right?

Wrong! See, Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain, a devout Christian, spoke to Jesus, and He says it’s all good in the hood. McBrain tells ABC Australia:

“The governor doesn’t have a problem with it – obviously I’m still doing it. I kind of struggled with the idea earlier on when I first found my faith. I put it in prayer and I haven’t had a problem with it.”

Other things with Jesus is apparently a-ok: referring to him as “The Governor,” hitting a parking lot attendant with your car as punishment for failing to recognize you, hitting people with logs, and a little light breaking and entering. There are many crimes for which God will punish you, but being a millionaire rockstar who often acts like a total dick is apparently not one of them.

[via Classic Rock]

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