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Food Poisoning Turned Nightmarer’s Stomach Into a “Vessel of Nausea”



Ah, Monday. Once again you show your disgusting face and once again you put an end to the fun you enjoyed having on the weekend. Once again you show up to pummel my brain with responsibilities and things to do, but at least this time I can pummel back because Nightmarer, featuring Paul Seidel who is also in The Ocean, dropped a new song called “Vessel of Nausea.”

In addition to being an incredibly accurate description of my stomach at the moment, ” Vessel of Nausea” is pretty god damn heavy. It chugs, it double kicks and it really just lets you get all that post-weekend anger out of your system. This track has some serious grit and that’s perfect for the “grab your day by the balls” attitude you’re going to need to get you going. If your mindset isn’t right yet, plug this shit in and get yourself to work because it’s going to be one long, sucktastic Monday.

If you like what you hear and would like to check out the whole product, you can preorder Nightmarer’s new EP Chasm at their bandcamp.


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