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Corpusse’s “Refrigerated Crying Evil”: Don’t Ask Questions, Just Watch

  • Axl Rosenberg

According to the description which accompanies this video, “Corpusse is a magnificent performance artist and musician.” You watch this video for ten seconds and you assume he’s in on the joke, but poking around his Facebook page, he seems deadly serious. Is he a Troll, Level Supreme? Uh… I hope so?

BTW, this video “was directed by Lisa Schwartzman, who has worked for HBO, Discovery and MTV.” I’m assuming that’s misleading, though. Like, she could have worked in the mailroom at those places, but I don’t think she directed any episodes of Game of Thrones or Sixteen Months and Pregnant or whatever.

Regardless, this is insanely entertaining. Watch:

Thanks: Richard F.

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