Setentia: Your New Favorite Band in the Gorguts / Ulcerate / Nero di Marte Canon


You know it when you hear it: skronky death metal. Taking as much influence from post-metal as from Death, it’s the kind of metal that’s genuinely unsettling, making your guts feel like they’re being forced inside out with its churning, gross, dissonance juxtaposed with a technical, structured approached. Bands such as Gorguts, Ulcerate, Dysrhythmia and Nero Di Marte have mastered the art, while newcomers like Zhrine are taking the burgeoning sub-genre to new levels.

Enter Setentia, a skronky death metal outfit from New Zealand who just inked a deal with Blood Music. The label copy says the “experimental death metal band traverses the depths of monstrosity through chambers of dark ambient perdition into hymns of intense and measured tremolo-picking.” Yup, that’s pretty accurate. Setentia aren’t as high on the skronk as some of their forebears and peers, but their music is really fucking dark and, yes, unsettling as fuck. They’ve released a new track that we think you’ll like, which portends a bright future.

Check out “Darkness Transcend” below. The album of the same name will be released later this year via Blood Music, date tba.

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