Let’s Listen to the Deluxe Reissue of Scream Bloody Gore, Because Why Not Listen to Scream Bloody Gore?


Death - Scream Bloody Gore

It appears Relapse Records is releasing a new deluxe reissue of Death’s groundbreaking debut album Scream Bloody Gore, complete with tons of original tape tracks and rehearsal demos. You can listen to the new reissue below.

And you should. Not because it’s deluxe, or because you will learn anything mind-blowing about the album and its creation by doing so. But because it’s Scream Bloody Gore. It’s maybe the coolest death metal album of all time (not greatest, but coolest), and I’m happy to be promoting it nearly thirty years after it came out, because it’s just so damn fun to listen to. Every time I cover Gruesome, I’m basically covering Death, so as long as there’s a chance to urge our readers to listen to Death, why not do so? Listen to Death.

Listen below, on repeat. Scream Bloody Gore drops in 1987 on Combat Records (but you can get the deluxe reissue via Relapse on May 20th).

[via The PRP]

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