Psych! Agalloch are Not Broken Up, Just a One-Man Project Now


The Metalnets lost its shit late Friday when long-running folk/black/doom/post/prog/everything/awesome metal band Agalloch announced their break-up… or so it seemed!

Founding member John Haughm took to the band’s Facebook page a few hours later to clarify, stating the band had not broken up, but that the other three members had simply been let go. If you read the original post more closely, it does bear that claim out: it doesn’t say “break-up,” instead stating that “John Haughm and the rest of the band have parted ways,” although it’s easy to see why that could be misconstrued as a final end to the band.

In Haughm’s clarification he elaborates that the band — with him as sole member — isn’t necessarily done (although it could be!), just taking a long break:

We’ll see where this takes Haughm, but at the very least it seems we won’t be getting new Agalloch music for quite a while. If that happens, though, at least we know it’ll be pure, written by a motivated and inspired Haughm.

We’re not sure what the rest of the members will pursue musically from hereon out, but rest assured that Aesop Dekker, who has his hands full with several projects (VHOL and Worm Ouroboros among them), will continue hating MetalSucks.

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