Video: James Hetfield Performs Acoustic Version of “Motorbreath”


This past Sunday evening, James Hetfield performed at the Acoustic-4-A-Cure concert  benefitting the Pediatric Cancer Program at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital. And of all the Metallica songs you’d expect him to perform… well, “Motorbreath” probably ain’t high on your list, ’cause a) How do you play that shit acoustically?, and b) Who shows up for a charity event to help kids with cancer and performs a song that begins with the words “Living and dying/laughing and crying”?

In Hetfield’s defense, I don’t think anyone cares about the odd lyrical message besides me. Not in Hetfield’s defense, no, “Motorbreath” doesn’t really work acoustically.

Still, this was for a good cause, so it’s hard to give Hetfield too much shit.

If you’ve always wished your Metallica was a little more Starbucks-compilation friendly, here, knock yourself out:

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