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Listen: Neige Et Noirceur Wins The “Battle”

  • Anso DF

Neige Et Noirceur

In the moment before you jump into a swimming pool, you know what to expect: the impact in your eardrums, the cold all over you, the quiet semi-gravity. In a second, what seems uniform from the outside will start to take on nuances. You’ll detect variations in temperature, you reach depths where the light is fainter, a random band-aid floats into focus. Your attention is riveted, and just existing requires a bit of focus.

That’s life in WWI according to the new album by our beloved Neige Et Noirceur. It’s titled Les Ténèbres Modernes and at a glance it may seem as predictable as a big rectangular pit of water — scary black metal, guy screaming — but whoa down deep in there, it’s rich and awesome. It packs the type of surprise that greets a great idea: half-exhilaration, half-impressed as fuckness. Cannonball into “Battlespirit” below (via Invisible Oranges).

Neige Et Noirceur’s Les Ténèbres Modernes is out June 24 via Sepulchral. Pre-order here.

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