Carnifex “Drown Me in Blood” with Their Adequate New Song


Two days, two different bands on this year’s Summer Slaughter package releasing new tracks from their upcoming albums. Yesterday we got to hear Revocation’s new jam”Communion” from forthcoming record Great is the Sin (July 22nd) and today we get “Drown Me in Blood” from Carnifex, who will release Slow Death on August 5th.

Readers of MetalSucks know that our relationship with Carnifex has been a difficult one; there isn’t anything downright hatable about them, but we’ve never found much in their music to glow about either. So how does “Drown Me in Blood” stack up against the band’s past work? I’ll start with the things I like: the intro riff and lead guitar line (which are very old-school DM), the guitar solo, which is extremely tasty, and the groove. All in all it’s a serviceable modern death metal track. But that’s kinda always been my problem with this band: serviceable, never great. I still don’t really understand why any particular metal fan would say “I love Carnifex above all those other bands!” There’s isn’t much they do that separates them from the pack; they’re just… fine, I guess.

Check out the song and video below and please tell me what I’m missing about Carnifex in the comments.

[via Lambgoat]

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