Ghost’s New EP Will Be a Covers Album


Earlier this month, Brian Storm interviewed Ghost for us and discovered that the band was releasing a new EP later this year. Now, it’s been announced that the EP will be primarily if not entirely cover songs, in the vein of the band’s 2013 If You Have Ghost EP, on which they covered Roky Erickson and ABBA among others.

In an interview with the KATT Rock 100.5 podcast ‘No Brown M&M’s’, one of the band’s Nameless Ghouls explained that they wanted to use the cover songs to both broaden their horizons and give fans a taste of how they might sound on their next full-length album:

I think it was, in a way, more important when we did If You Have Ghost, because at that point we just had almost two albums done, and we wanted more different types of seasoning to be put into our dish in order to make it interesting.

Season that dish, Ghost. I like it hot and spooky, rare as the dickens. Sorry, anyway:

“It sort of serves a little bit like… Yeah, if you hear the EP, don’t think that, ‘Oh, the next album is gonna sound exactly like this,’ but that is a good way for us to sneak in elements that are, like, you might hear a synth sound like this on the next record, but not as evident. So where “If You Have Ghosts” [the Roky Erickson cover which was included on If You have Ghost] was definitely a new dimension of pop-rock that we hadn’t really done before. I mean, it’s sort of closer to R.E.M. than it is Black Sabbath. We’re not doing the same thing this time, but we’re doing something else in order to get people to feel comfortable with [the direction of the next album].”

That’s a pretty smart move, actually. With their rotating cast of Papas and their constantly-evolving sound, Ghost can’t promise to deliver an album that will necessarily sound anything like its predecessor. An EP, especially one where the songs are recognizable if Ghost-ified, is a good stepping stone for fans, letting them know what they’re in for.

Listen to the full interview below. No word yet as to whose songs will be featured on the EP, but we’re excited to find out. The EP will come out this fall on Loma Vista, and will be produced by Tom Dalgety, who has worked with Royal Blood and Killing Joke in the past.


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