Memorial Monday To Sharpen Your Weapons

  • Kip Wingerschmidt

When the going gets tough, the weak usually throw in the towel while the strong rise to the occasion, persevere, and overcome adversity.  We’ve seen it time and time before: talk talk talk talk talk until real challenges arise then one’s tr00 colors will shine through.

The phenomenon of natural selection often tells the tale — those who have the drive and desire to stay the course will enjoy the fruits of their labor, no matter if we’re talking about creative endeavors, business ventures, academic pursuits, or romantic relationships.  Those that don’t will be left in the lurch.

And at the toughest moments, it is crucial to keep one’s weapons sharpened and at the ready.  The arsenal should be replenished when necessary, and resources must be maximized for profound impact.  Otherwise you’ll just be whistling Dixie when the shit goes down.


As inspiration, please allow me to offer the chaotic yet precise might of Kansas City’s Sharp Weapons.  This blistering post-hardcore outfit employs a relentless aural attack amidst clever incorporation of progressive songwriting elements.  The band features my FAMILY‘s engineer/mixer Justin Mantooth (on bass and production duties), who can also give your sound that special sheen at Westend Recording Studios in Kansas City.  Dude knows his knobs!

Listen to/purchase Sharp Weapons’ self-titled full-length album digitally on Bandcamp, or on vinyl via Static Tension Records.

Now let’s get going, tough stuff!!!!

Special Thanks to my Brother-in-Monkey Metal Mykee for the below playlist…


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