Sunday To Grind Your Moon Teeth Sharply


Who among us has never had to address a bad habit or three?

loose teethThankfully, I seem to have effectively kicked my most detrimental vices (guess we’ll know for sure if I am able to resist/maintain til the end), and conversely am making concerted efforts to implement healthier, more productive actions.  Mostly.  But naturally there are plenty of areas for me to continue working on.  And I’m comfortable with the process because it’s been just that — a process — and my personal choice to make changes that feel positive to me.

gumsOne shitty habit I’m trying to break is GOING TO THE DAMN DENTIST.  Well perhaps that’s better phrased like so: I’ve been further prioritizing taking better care of my teef so I don’t have to deal with sitting in that godforsaken chair and haplessly, helplessly taking it in the mouth.  Brushing/flossing is certainly a small sacrifice to make in an attempt to stave off and hopefully avoid the drill or other worse instruments such as the poker or the flugelhorn*.

On a similar subject, one nasty habit that fortunately never afflicted me is grinding my teeth, although 1) once upon a time I did have a lady friend who kept me up at night with those grating sounds and 2) I’m currently quite taken with the glorious sounds of New Jersey’s Toothgrinder, who just released its truly awesome new album Nocturnal Masquerade on Spinefarm Records just a couple of days ago (buy it on digital here or physical here).  Soon enough you’ll be able to read my official review, but in the meantime you can check out the songs that the band has made available here, here, here, and here.

MT-feb-tourAnother place our ground teeth will soon be traveling is outer space, courtesy of Long Island’s Moon Tooth — a highly unique and forceful band that dazzles equally with technical theatrics and hooky melodic songwriting, and whose self-released debut full-length album Chromaparagon comes out this Friday 2/5 (pre-order it here).  Check out MT’s banging prior EP Freaks here and new songs from Chromaparagon here, here, and here.

So in honor of these two stellar bands (who incidentally would make a killer tour package, ahem) — and the debut track from FAMILY engineer/mixer Justin Mantooth‘s baddass band Sharp Weapons — let’s get grinding straight to tha MOON, Alice…


*jk, the flugelhorn obvs rules roars


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