Christian Deathcore Band The Order of Elijah Find Richard Dawkins, Lose Jesus Christ

  • Axl Rosenberg

Joyce Carol Oates, arguably the closest thing to an actual deity the world may ever get, recently summed up the thinking person’s view of God rather perfectly:

I was reminded of Oates’ tweet upon reading about The Order of Elijah vocalist Shannon Low recently. Up until now, The Order of Elijah have been most famous for making what some have called “the worst lyric video of all time.” But that will all change now that Low and company have given up what was once one of their defining characteristics: Christianity. According to The Christian Post, Low recently renounced his faith after reading The God Delusion, the 2006 book by renowned ethologist and evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins.

Low explains how he came to Dawkins’ work in the below Facebook post. It’s quite lengthy, but definitely worth reading. The short version, though, is this: religion couldn’t help Low get his life together, and his Christian friends’ responses to his questions regarding ethical contradictions in The Bible were unsatisfying. Since reading Dawkins, however, Low has given up his reliance on a fairy tale, and his life is now on the up and up.

It’s tempting to tease Low the way you’d tease a thirty-year-old who just figured out that the Tooth Fairy isn’t real, but it’s worth remembering that Low is breaking away from the most powerful cult in the world, one that has indoctrinated society for thousands of years. The fact that he isn’t clinging to primitive children’s stories simply out of fear is remarkable.

So how are The Order of Elijah’s fans taking the news? Although the comments below Low’s post seem to be almost entirely supportive, Patheos reports that some former admirers have bristled at Low and the band’s newfound worldview, especially as it pertains to TOOE’s support of LGBT equality (which isn’t surprising, but is still depressing). While those fans have demanded that the group change their name, they’ve vowed not to do so and announced the “God’s Unwanted” tour, which will kick off in June (get dates here).

I’m not necessarily a fan of The Order of Elijah’s music — but there’s no way to categorize their recent actions as anything besides brave. Check ’em out on Facebook, where Low has also offered to address any questions fans may have.

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