Dark Funeral Go Full Right-Hand Path in “Unchain My Soul” Video


It’s understandable why so many black metal fans hate on progressive or “hipster” black metal. Sure, there’s a time and a place for breaking out of the mold and expanding minds. But sometimes you just want that whiskey funeral served neat, that straightforward gauntlet-clad dungeon-dwelling Satan monster that’s only here to ride tanks over flames and spit blood into your parents’ faces.

Dark Funeral seem to have made it their job to be that band and nothing else, which is very apparent in their new video for “Unchain My Soul.” Unlike the recent videos by bands like Uada and Beastwars, Dark Funeral have no desire to show you thought-provoking imagery that suggests that myriad of ways black magic can manifest. It’s all burning pentagrams, hooded envoys of darkness, and the band standing very still while the camera sways all around them. Nuance be damned!

Check out “Unchain My Soul” below. Dark Funeral’s latest, Where Shadows Forever Reign, drops Friday on Century Media; pre-order it here.

[via Metal Underground]

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