Meek is Murder Celebrate the Joys of Youth of “A Prison, A Life Raft”


Has anyone seen my socks? They just got knocked off.

Meek is Murder’s new song, “A Prison, A Life Raft,”is, by MiM standards at least, at relatively straightforward hardcore song. That’s not a bad thing — the track is still totally batshit insane, and as far as relatively straightforward hardcore songs, it’s expertly executed: everything from the anxiously wriggly riff to the scorcher of a solo from guitarist/vocalist Mike Keller (ex-The Red Chord) to the orgasmically epic elephants marching madness of the final thirty seconds, each element of this song just works. Meek is Murder have their shit TOGETHER, son.


Keller explains the song to Revolver thusly: “Being young is like a life raft; an ocean of opportunity surrounds you, but choice can be a burden. Best enjoy the ride.” I wish I was as level-headed as Mike Keller, a dude who released an album called Everything is Awesome, Nothing Matters after his apartment burned down. My quote would have been something like “Being young is like a life raft; you’re safe for now, but you’d better hope someone finds you before you run out of supplies.” You gotta wonder if his Zen-like approach to life in some informs and bolsters MiM’s music.

Celebrate the joys of youth with “A Prison, A Life Raft” below. The song appears on Meek is Murder’s insane new album, Was, which comes out July 15.

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