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Ozzy’s Instagram Account Got Hacked


These days, getting your social media account is a sign that you’ve finally made it in the world. Last year Unlocked the Truth got their Facebook covered with girls-in-tight-jeans links, while last month a number of notable heavy metal bands had their accounts used by Soundcloud to promote shitty pop music.

Now, even the Prince of Darkness isn’t immune! Metal Insider reports that Ozzy Osbourne’s Instagram account, which has a million followers, was hacked this weekend. The account had its name changed to @villosbourne, and was packed with posts, seemingly of the same person, using all sorts of joke filters:


Which, let’s be honest, is a little hilarious. If you ask me, the bigger the celebrity is, the funnier it is when their accounts get hacked, because there’s little harm done here. I doubt anyone gets all their Ozzy information from his Instagram account. When Red Fang gets hacked, they have to scramble to figure out what happened; when Ozzy’s Instagram gets taken over, Sharon yells at someone and it’s fixed (as you can see by the account now).

That said, man, it’s crazy that even Ozzy can get hacked! When a musician that high-profile gets his account taken over, you realize how fragile one’s web standing is. Sure, you may be the most notable person within a certain subculture, but there’s a sixteen-year-old with an iPad out there who has your fate in his hands.

Anyway, sorry to see Ozzy got bamboozled. Personally, we would never allow our accounts to get hacked in such a crass mannGUYS I HAVE FREE MOVIE LINKS AND ESSAY WRITING TIPS FROM EURO PEE TEENS.

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