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Sh*t That Comes Out Today: June 10, 2016

  • David Lee Rothmund

D.R.I. But Wait ... There's MOre

Hello MetalSucks reader! Welcome to Shit That Comes Out Today, your Satanic bible of this week’s heavy new releases. We list ‘em, we spotlight ‘em, we link you to their preview jams and full streams — and we usually stick ‘em in a fancy Spotify playlist too (below) — all for your jammage! Now crank this shit up.


Astrakhan Reward In PurposeAstrakhan
Reward In Purpose (War On Music)
On a playlist with: Audioslave, The Ocean, Junius
Listen “The Traveler” (here)

Here, some may be off-turned by the alt-rock pretensions or the semi-okay vocals. Get over that shit, though, because the noise within the Reward In Purpose is powerful and MS-certified Grade-A. Strong debuts are usually a sign of great(er) things to come, so by that logic, let’s keep Astrakhan on Mr. Radar. Softer, proggy sludge needs a boost anyhow. Thank you, Canada, you make a nice hat.


Revival (Ripple)
On a playlist with: Zakk Wylde/BLS baked af and/or underwater
Listen “Lorenzo Llamas” (here)

Gozu rocks, and so does Revival. That’s not to say it doesn’t sound like a BLS knockoff, which it does. Further: that’s not to say you’d rather listen to Revival than any BLS album released in the last 10 years, which you would. Even further: you better like the pentatonic scale, which you expected here. Revival is the non-sticky version of the road-stoner’s best old cassette, sans dopey biker shit.


Sunburst (Wooaaargh)
On a playlist with: As We Draw, Black Sheep Wall, Enabler
Listen Sunburst full stream (here)

Wooaaargh, who is Bait? First, they’re German; second, they certainly spent time listening to hardcore; third, they’ve jumped on the just-add-black-metal train. Derailing said train is an impossible task, besides, why would you? The chemistry here is righteous fucking magick. Oddly, the level of restraint exercised on Sunburst fuels only your interest in discovering its truer moments, buried and waiting to be savagely gnawed on.


The Aftermath EP (Via Nocturna)
On a playlist with: Awe, Akercocke, Nightbringer
Listen The Aftermath EP full stream (here)

Collaboration is conflict. Remember group projects in school/uni? The hardest part was divvying the work and then chasing down the shit-hats who didn’t do their share. Not so say this is the case w/ all or even most bands. Though those who want shit done right, they do it themselves. The Aftermath EP is just that: one man, multiple instruments, much noise, many blastbeat. But it’s not all gloomy, basement-stink stuff: there’s grit, classic influences, and kickass guitar solos here!


Jaded HeartJaded Heart
Guilty By Design (Massacre)
On a playlist with: Iron Maiden without the Boeing 747
Listen Guilty By Design full stream (here)

One YouTuber wrote: “jaded heart is a great band they got keys for the metalsound !!” Jesus Fucking Christmas, truth has been uttered. Guilty By Design is nothing but pure metalsound, with total classic Iron Maiden influences. The drumming, the guitar-ing, the singing. Totally blown away — really, wow — and get a buttload of “Seven Gates Of Hell.” The vocal rasp en intro really raises hairs and causes the emergence of goosepimples in spots heretofore unimaginable. Powerful, raw, anus.



BatAstronoid Air (Blood) listen
Bat Wings Of Chains (Hells Headbangers) listen
Conclave Sins Of The Elders (Lost Apparitions) listen
Concrete Mascara Perennial Disappointment (Malignant) listen listen
Fearless Undead Machines reissue (Transcending Obscurity) listen
D.R.I. But Wait … There’s More! (Beer City) listen
High FighterHigh Fighter Scars & Crosses (Svart) listen
Hissing Hissing 7″ (Southern Lord) listen
Letlive. If I’m The Devil… (Epitaph) listen listen
Lightless Moor Hymn For The Fallen (Wormholedeath) listen
Lucis Absentia To The Depths EP (2014) (Static Tension) listen
Paranoid Satyagraha (2015) (Southern Lord) listen
Rival Sons Hollow Bones (Earache) listen
scorpion child acidSarabante Poisonous Legacy (Southern Lord) listen listen
Scorpion Child Acid Roulette (Nuclear Blast) listen listen listen
Sumac What One Becomes (Thrill Jockey) listen review
Turncoat Turncoat EP (Eulogy) listen
Vale Of Pnath II (Willowtip) listen
Words That Burn Regret Is For The Dead (Wormholedeath) listen
Ziraksigil Worldbuilder (2015) (Prosthetic) listen

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