Sunday To Keep It Crucial

  • Kip Wingerschmidt

Crucial-Fest-2016-PosterWhat do you need?

What is essential, imperative, decisively instrumental to attaining/retaining prosperity and joy in your life?

The romantics among us might agree that love is all you need while pragmatists & skeptics may lean heavily on more practical elements such as money.  But until you’ve had to cry out “gimme shelter!!!” in the middle of the dark lonely night, all bets are off.

I have been in a couple situations over the years when it felt like my living space was being compromised or jeopardized.  But nothing that legitimately qualifies as true risk of becoming homeless, let alone within the context of assuming responsibility over a family, let alone while in the home stretch leading up to a music festival that I organized.

Such was the unfortunate case of my Salt Lake City guru Jarom Bischoff, who organizes the long-running Crucialfest, for which this year’s (6th) installment boasts the likes of Valient Thorr, Helms Alee, SubRosa, Form Of Rocket, Wizard Rifle, Mos Generator, and a bunch more fantastic bands (although unfortunately Russian Circles had to drop off because of a significant injury).  Bischoff was faced with a harrowing ordeal just last week when, upon moving into a new home with his family, it was discovered that essentially none of the work their new landlord promised would be done prior had been addressed in the slightest, rendering the space uninhabitable and dangerous for Bischoff’s kids.  Then the landlord basically told them he wasn’t going to work with them and thus they were stuck.

Needless to say, this created undue stress and panic for my beloved SLC guru, and things certainly seemed dicey for a minute there, but thankfully he and his family were able to find a substitute home while they sort out what to do next.  Shame on you, mean stupid negligent landlord (and all of your kind, for that matter), and nothing but positive vibes to the Bischoff clan.  The nightmare isn’t completely over for them just yet, but hopefully soon.

In the meantime, if you are a Salt Lake City-er, do yourself a favor by getting out this week to as many Crucialfest shows as possible — this is a legit festival that supports the heavy music scene tremendously, and your support is needed in return.  Buy tickets HERE.

Check out some killer bands playing the fest below, and LET’S GET CRUCIAL…









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