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Behemoth, Mayhem, Emperor, and More Featured in New Graphic Novel Realm of the Damned



I’m a sucker for comic books and superheroes, as some of you might know from my rantings about Godzilla going to Hell  and how I want to see Guy Davis draw a Watain comic. But I’m especially into comic books and metal being united in cool ways, like Rick Spears and Chuck BB’s Black Metal.

Well, apparently Maniacal Publishing, run by Go-kart Records’ Greg Ross, is throwing me a bone, as they’re going to be releasing Realm of the Damned, a graphic novel featuring appearances by Emperor, Behemoth, and Mayhem. The comic will also feature biographical segments from the life of Sons of Balaur, a sort of black metal Dethklok whose debut album is set to come out on Season of Mist this year.

Created by Steve Beatty of Werewolf Publishing and Candlelight Records, written by Alec Worley, and illustrated by Simon “Pye” Parr, Realm of the Damned takes place in a world where vampires have overrun every aspect of the world, including The Congregation, the Vatican’s monster-fighting contingent. Now Alberic Van Helsing, once a vampire hunter and now a vampire, has to stop an ancient evil that has been resurrected in the woods of Norway, to save both monsters and the few remaining humans left on earth.

All of which sounds nerdy as fuck, but super awesome (ten to one says the evil resurrected in Norway is Varg). I’ll happily watch vampiric black metal stars hunt humans in a dystopian monster world. It’s like Daybreakers, but with a blaze in the northern sky thrown in.

The first segment of the comic, Realm of the DamnedTenebris Deos, is set for release on October 19th, just in time for Halloween. Expect a full review from this neckbeard around then.

[via Blabbermouth]

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