Bat’s Wings of Chains is the Thrash Album of the Year



As interesting as it sometimes is, intellectual and long-form thrash never really appealed to me. Sure, the occasional Prong or late-80s Anthrax tune can get me going, but it’s not my true love. When I want thrash, I want it dirty, mean, fast, and straight to the point. And the new full-length album by Bat, Wings of Chains (what a fucking hilarious title), is exactly that.

I’ve waxed boorish about Bat before, but man, they’ve outdone themselves here. I knew this album was going to be cool, but I didn’t realize how cool. The re-recorded tracks like “Code Rude” and “Rule of the Beast” sound fresh and revitalized, and the new songs like “Bloodhounds” and “Ritual Fool” add a dark arch quality to the band’s ragged and raucous sound. This is an album for shooting whiskey, lighting fires, and getting speeding tickets.

Bat’s Wings of Chains came out on June 10th via Hell’s Headbangers. Listen to it below and check out the band’s stuff at their Bandcamp.

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