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Listen: Blut Aus Nord, Aevangelist Split Slips, Rips

  • Anso DF

Aevangelist Blut Aus Nord

At a glance, what’s more exciting: A 21-minute EP with four or five tracks, or one 21-minute mega-song?

One is common and may convey “the night before deadline” or “experiment that didn’t totally work out”; the other is more likely to vibe “opus” or “experiment that worked out awesomely.” So the thought of one might raise your pulse more than the other. That’s why you might start at the end of the new split release from Blut Aus Nord and Aevangelist.

Titled Codex Obscura Nomina, the split ends with Aevangelist’s only track, a 21-minute monster of ear-unfriendly black metal, darkly funky sound shapes, and loony spoken word. Call it a digest version of their 2015 triumph Enthrall To The Void Of Bliss, and call it a primer for would-be fans and a refill for current ones. To each you’ll strain to contextualize the sonics (drum sound is wtf) and to explain the point of French language in one said segment of spoken word. Check it out below, then back up to Blut Aus Nord’s half. Crank it up!

Codex Obscura Nomina split by Blut Aus Nord and Aevangelist is out July 22 via Thrill Jockey, but basically is out already here.

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