Blut Aus Nord’s New Song “Apostasis” May be the Most Delightfully Bonkers Thing You Hear Today


There’s good discombobulation and bad discombobulation. If Arkaik’s new song is an example of the former, than “Apostasis,” the new track from Blut Aus Nord, is a shining example of the latter. The track blends black metal and melodeath and doom and the sounds of Muppets being tortured and Jeff Hanneman shredding from the beyond and some kind of orgy of ghosts into one track that is simultaneously schizophrenic and hypnotic. It doesn’t hurt that each section feels distinct, as opposed to just tossing a bunch of shit into a blender for no discernible reason and then rushing through it all as fast as possible. Put another way: “Apostasis” has peaks and valleys, which go a long way.

Check “Apostasis” below. The track will appear on Blut Aus Nord’s new album, Deus Salutis Meæ, which I believe is Lating for “God Salts Meat.” It will be released October 20 on Debbie and Morti’s Productions.

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