Adam Dutkiewicz Ranks Killswitch Engage’s Discography from Worst to Best


So Metal Hammer recently asked Killswitch Engage’s Adam Dutkiewicz to rank the band’s discography. Said rankings probably won’t surprise you much, but will still be interesting to fans:

7. Killswitch Engage (2009)
6. Killswitch Engage (2000)
5. As Daylight Dies
4. Incarnate
3. Disarm the Descent
2. The End of Heartache
1. Alive or Just Breathing

KSE admirers will argue until the end of time about which album is stronger, Alive or Just Breathing or The End of Heartache — and truth be told, I think the answer mostly has to do with when you got into Killswitch. Insofar as the rest of the list goes, I suspect most people would probably put As Daylight Dies in the #3 spot. After that, their opinions likely line up with those of Dutkiewicz. Personally, I’d probably put Incarnate above both of those records, but that’s just me (although even Durkiewicz says it’ll will probably move up the list once it’s not so new).

Anyhowdydoody, when asked why he put AoJB at the top, Dutkiewicz had this to say:

“Number One has to be Alive or Just Breathing, just because when I think about the entire career of the band, seeing from where we came from to where we are now, that was probably the most important step we’ve ever made. We went from being this regional band from New England to someone that people all over the world knew who we were, and to see that happen was insane. I was just a local hardcore kid who grew up playing local hardcore shows and never really travelled anywhere, and all of sudden we were doing tours all over the world and getting all this notoriety and having people talk about us in the press. It was absolutely life changing. I just thought I’d give the band a shot for a year and then go back to my desk job, and then a year passed and everything took off for us and we just kept pressing on; the vibes were right, people were digging us and the shows were good, and seeing that encouraged us to keep at it. There are still songs from that record that stay in rotation too, and people still know them and still sing along. And My Last Serenade is one of the most important songs in our set list. People gravitated to that one immediately. So we owe a lot to Alive or Just Breathing.”

Read the rest of his explanations as to why the list is in the order it’s in here.

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