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Today in Slipknot: Corey Taylor Can’t Headbang for Awhile, Joey Jordison Reveals His Ten Favorite Drummers

  • Axl Rosenberg

Because a day without Slipknot news is like a day without oxygen, here are two stories that aren’t at all related, save for the fact that they both concern current or former members of The ‘Knot:


Although vocalist Corey Taylor is on the mend from his recent surgery for a broken neck, when he returns to the stage next week, he may be a little less fun to watch than normal:

We’re glad Taylor is gonna be 100%, but this is still a bummer, since Taylor is a very physical frontman. Luckily, Slipknot has 87 members, 14.3% of whom don’t really have anything to do besides occasionally press a button on a laptop or hit a keg with baseball bat, and those guys tend to do a lot of running around n’ shit regardless. I imagine they’ll step up their game now to compensate for Taylor not being able to go full Disasterpiece. You can get the band’s upcoming tour dates with Marilyn Manson and Of Mice & Men here.


Former drummer Joey Jordison has revealed his Top 10 Drummers to Metal Hammer. I’m not gonna give the whole list away here, nor am I going to dwell on the fact that Jordison included Lars Ulrich on the list, as most media outlets are doing. Instead, I’m going to share Mr. Jordison’s admiration for Mr. Bungle’s Danny Heifetz, because as Jordison notes immediately, Heifestz does not get enough love:

“I think Danny Heifetz is probably one of the most underrated drummers that there is. His technique is almost unsurpassed; the way he switches from jazz into metal is fucking weird because you have to have those two different styles. And Mr. Bungle is one of my favourite bands of all time. They’re unbeatable in that type of genre and no one will ever match them. I play to Mr. Bungle a lot at home, and I get and I can play it but it isn’t the same. You cannot match that dude.”

You can read all of Jordison’s picks here.

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