The Thèmes Men: Forteresse New Album Streaming

  • Anso DF

You may not be sure what tempts a person to make a blanket statement about a whole genre and its output. Feels kinda pointless and inaccurate. I mean, who is even qualified, who comprehends any genre’s entire discography and history? Still, you encounter these words daily: This band really understands “style of metal X.” Or “bands of era Y” don’t get it. Of all the bands from “metal scene Z,” this one is the best. Even an expert isn’t vigilant enough to keep up with so many records, and anyway expertise has a short life in ever-evolving metal.  So don’t believe that stuff. Take it that the person means to express, “Album X is the most exciting music that has reached me specifically in a few weeks.”

Forteresse’s new album is out Friday and is among the most exciting albums we’ve heard lately. You heard “Là Où Nous Allons” (here) a month ago, and here’s the full album (via Noisey). Crank it up!

Forteresse’s Thèmes pour la Rébellion is out today via Sepulchral. Pre-order here.

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