Earache Records Dismisses Decapitated’s Unpaid Royalty Claims As “Garbage”


On Friday, we posted that Polish death metallers Decapitated were suing Earache Records for unpaid royalties. This was, seemingly, an extension of the legal battle over which Earache pulled Decapitated’s first four records from Spotify. The band has even released limited-edition merch to help them pay for their legal fees in the matter.

But according to Dan Tobin, Earache’s label manager for Europe and the UK, Decapitated’s claims are unfounded — and the courts have already ruled in the label’s favor.

In a recent conversation with Metal Hammer, Tobin said the following:

“This issue was dealt with by the courts in the UK back in November, categorically in Earache’s favour, so this a non-story in reality.

“The court decided in Earache’s favour back in November, actually awarding Earache substantial costs, which are yet to be received.

“Obviously they feel wronged by the court decision, which by the way, was instigated by the band.

“The fact that the band’s representatives failed even to turn up in court to hear the judgment on the proceedings they themselves instigated says it all.

“Clearly, they knew then as they know now that this is garbage.”

In regards to a relaunch of Decapitated’s legal claims, Tobin said simply, “We have received no paperwork on this matter.”

Obviously, these are pretty damning claims against Decapitated. But other former signees have had beef with Earache as well. I’ve talked to members of Napalm Death and Godflesh, among others, who were very vocal about how much they hated working with that label (to be fair, Earache head Digby Pearson does not think much of Napalm Death’s Barney Greenway, either).

So I’ll be interested to hear how this plays out — whether, as Earache claims, Decapitated are just talking a big game, or whether the label is putting up a dismissive front to distract from their own shady business practices.

Check out Decapitated’s video accusing Earache below.

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