The Ghost Inside Injury Update: Vocalist Out of a Cast, Bassist on Warped Tour with Falling in Reverse


Good news for fans of The Ghost Inside, or anyone with a shred of human empathy: two of the band’s members are progressing quite well in their recovery from last November’s horrific bus crash.

Vocalist Jonathan Vigil has had a rough go of it, with his surgically repaired broken ankle suffering not one but TWO bone infections (the latter of which saw a surgically implanted screw break out through his skin!) that required extensive courses of antibiotics to clear before further corrective surgery could take place. Vigil’s attitude — or the one he’s put forth publicly, anyway — has been remarkably positive through it all, and his most recent update is no different, expressing optimism towards soon being able to walk on his own again after having his cast removed and all the steel taken out. Here’s the update:

Meanwhile bassist Jim Riley, the lone member of the band to escape the accident without any major injuries, has been mostly quiet for the past several months. But a recent post on his Instagram reveals that he’s out on this year’s Warped Tour as crew for Falling in Reverse. Say what you will about Falling in Reverse — and we’ve said plenty — but I think it’s great that Riley is out in the world again enjoying life; even though he was lucky injury-wise, the crash had to be incredibly traumatic emotionally. Fittingly, The Ghost Inside have a spot waiting for them on the 2017 incarnation of The Warped Tour if all the members are ready to go, so perhaps Riley’s participation in this year’s tour will inspire the other members to work that much harder on their rehab.

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