Ghost Fan to be Terrorized by Actual Ghost in Lights Out


If you follow horror movies or went to see one in theaters recently–I know The Conjuring 2 opened with it–you’ve seen promo materials for a movie called Lights Out, about a ghost/demon/horrible thing that can only appear in darkness. The movie is based off of this super-creepy short film by David F. Sandberg:

Creepy, right?

Anyway, The PRP points out that in the latest trailer for the full-length movie of Lights Out, Sweden’s own Ghost gets a little shout-out via a poster on one character’s wall:


Which is a cool and appropriate reference, a) because Sandberg is Scandinavian and therefore recognizes the band as super popular (or does so more than your average American, who would’ve put a Korn poster or what have you up there), b) because the character in question lives in an apartment by some sort of big neon light, and is therefore some kind of urban rocker, and c) because it’s a movie about a fucking actual ghost, which makes it kind of funny. Here’s this girl listening to Ghost music, being terrorized by a literal spirit.

Check out the trailer below, with the Ghost poster showing up about thirty-six seconds in. Lights Out will be released on July 22. You can catch the real Ghost this fall at one of the dates listed here.

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