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Ghost Second Metal Artist This Week to Perform with a Children’s Choir

  • Axl Rosenberg

Just yesterday, we told you about Mausoleum, Myrkur’s new live EP on which she performs with the Norwegian Girls Choir. Now The PRP reports that Ghost performed their song “Monstrance Clock” with a children’s choir at Hellfest last weekend. It looks like it was pretty cool. It also makes me wonder if utilizing children’s choirs is gonna be the next trend in metal. Probably not, but it would be fun if it was. Only if it got really out of control, though. Like, I wanna see Portal and Meat Shits perform with a bunch of kids. I don’t need to hear “Souls of Black” or whatever with a bunch of high, tinny voices.

(And, yes, dweebs, I know Trans-Siberian Orchestra did this first, but they only did it for a dweeby Christmas performance, and besides, the only people who care about Trans-Siberian Orchestra are dweebs, dweebs.)

If you weren’t at Hellfest or you were but you napped through this, you can watch video of Ghost with the kiddies below.

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