Chris Fronzak from Attila Has a Line of Workout Clothes Now


Attila’s Chris Fronzak hadn’t launched a new business in a few days,  so he co-founded a new line of fitness clothes, Deadlift. Says The Fronz to AP:

“Deadlift was formed when I realized that there weren’t any fitness brands that appealed to me or my friends. Every day when I’m in the gym, I see all of these bright, tacky workout clothes but nothing that I would ever want to wear. I hopped on the phone with my friend Bobby (Blackcraft) when I told him my idea for a dark/evil themed fitness brand. Oddly enough, he already had a very similar idea in the works, so we combined forces and that’s when Deadlift was born.”

I don’t begrudge Fronzak trying to make money, but that quote stinks of bullpucky. Even a lazy fuck like me who avoids the gym at all costs knows there’s no shortage of workout clothes available that are neither “bright” nor “tacky.” Finding black t-shirts, sweatpants, and spandex should present no problem for anyone with eyes. I don’t know what makes the Deadlift gear special other than that it says “Dead” on it.

deadlift samples

Wow. So much less tacky than regular black workout clothes. Thanks, Chris. You are a true innovator.

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