Metallica are Awkwardly Befuddled in Behind-the-Scenes Brioni Shorts


Last week, it was revealed that Metallica would be modeling clothes for Italian fashion company Brioni, with pictures displaying the members of the band as exactly the kind of Hollywood cretins most underground metal fans perceive them as.

However, now Brioni has released a series of short videos poking fun at Metallica’s involvement in the fashion world, with “über cool style star” Justin O’Shea showing off just how out of touch he is with rock and roll while the band stares on confused (or in Lars’ case, actively nonplussed and angry). Because, you see, Metallica are metalheads, and fashion is not an industry that is very metal at all! Ha ha! What fun.

You can watch O’Shea and the various members of Metallica interact in a most a baffling manner below, with one-on-one sketches further down in the playlist. Now if only Avalone will do a humorous short where they try to get Will from Mortician to act sexy and he holds them hostage at knife-point.

[via Metal Underground]

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