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Video: Steven Adler Performs with Guns N’ Roses in Cincinnati

  • Axl Rosenberg

After months of speculation and rumors, the semi-reunited Guns N’ Roses finally performed with original drummer Steven Adler last night (July 6) in Cincinnati, OH. This marks the first time Axl Rose, Slash, Duff McKagan and Adler have all performed on the same stage since 1990. If I’m not mistaken, it’s also the largest audience Adler has performed for since that same time.

In 1992, Axl Rose said the following about Adler to RIP Magazine:

“The misconception is that we kicked him out for the hell of it, and that l was the dictator behind it. The truth is, l probably fought a little harder to keep him in the band, because l wasn’t working with him on a daily basis like the other guys were. They grew tired of not being able to get their work done because Steven wasn’t capable of it. I’ve read interviews where he’s saying that he’s straight. Most of the time he isn’t. He’s the type of person who wants everything handed to him, and he did get it handed to him. He got it handed to him from me. At one point, in order to keep this band together, it was necessary for me to give him a portion of my publishing rights. That was one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made in my life, but he threw such a fit, saying he wasn’t going to stay in the band. We were worried about not being able to record our first album, so I did what l felt l had to do. In the long run l paid very extensively for keeping Steven in Guns N’ Roses. I paid $1.5 million by giving him 15 percent of my publishing off of Appetite for Destruction. He didn’t write one goddamn note, but he calls me a selfish dick! He’s been able to live off of that money, buy a shitload of drugs and hire lawyers to sue me. If and when he loses the lawsuit he has against us, and he has to pay those lawyers, if he has any money left, it’ll be the money that came from Guns N’ Roses and myself. At this point l really don’t care what happens to Steven Adler, because he’s taken himself out of my life, out of my care and concern, completely. I feel bad for him in ways, because he’s a real damaged person, but he’s making choices to keep himself in that damage. There’s nothing we can do at this point. We took him to rehabs, we threatened his drug dealers, we helped him when he slashed his wrists. l even forgave him after he nearly killed my [then-wife, Erin Everly]. I had to spend a night with her in an intensive-care unit because her heart had stopped thanks to Steven. She was hysterical, and he shot her up with a speedball. She had never done jack shit as far as drugs go, and he shoots her up with a mixture of heroin and cocaine? l kept myself from doing anything to him. I kept the man from being killed by members of her family. l saved him from having to go to court, because her mother wanted him held responsible for his actions. And the son of a bitch turns on me? l mean, yeah, I’m a difficult person to deal with, and I’m a pain in the ass to understand, and I’ve had my share of problems, but Steven benefited greatly from his involvement with me more than l did from knowing him. Steven had a lot of fans, but he was a real pain in the ass. l need to keep him in my life for you? Fuck you!”

It’s no secret that Adler has been trying to get back into the band since they sacked him twenty-six years ago, and fan-filmed video from the concert shows him looking totally giddy. You heart has to swell a little for this dude. Hopefully they keep in involved for other shows on the tour. Also: hopefully they get goddamn Izzy Stradlin back and just make this a proper reunion already.


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