Listen: Illdisposed’s Visit to Black Town

  • Anso DF

Hi MetalSucks reader! Last Friday, our fancy new releases round-up, Shit That Comes Out Today, laid before you all of last week’s newest heavy albums as usual. It also included today’s new releases a week early, which means a MS reader is ahead of the rest of metal because of our STCOT team. It also resulted in a bit of free time for our STCOT team, and that means partying, the awesome kind of partying only possible on a day off. Rothmund dared me to pour a pina colada down his pants last night, it was hilarious.

One of today’s awesome albums with which we’ve made the most of our head start is titled Grey Sky Over Black Town and is authored by a veteran band called Illdisposed. It’s straight death metal done slightly weird, and the occasional jaunty guitar passage. Maybe it reminds you of that night you and your buds were jamming Deicide-style riffs and suddenly in walked hot girls wearing Atheist and Coroner shirts; at that moment, your jam changed directions for obvious reasons. Crank it up!

Shit That Comes Out Today returns Friday, July 25 

Illdisposed’s awesome album Grey Sky Over Black Town is out today via Massacre. Get it here.

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