Pump Up the Jam with Four New SNAKED Songs!


If you’ve been partying as hard as we have this summer then your soundtrack has most surely been Snaked, the collaboration between soft-shred pioneer Hugh Myrone and DJ Depressed Teenager. While a mash-up of softer Satriani worship and dupstep might sound cringeworthy in concept, these dudes fucking NAIL IT. So good! Shit, their debut album Year of the Snake is one of my favorite records of 2016 so far. It’s necessary listening for when you need to amp up the vibe.

So imagine my delight when I found out about #SNAKEDSUNDAYS, in which the duo releases a brand new track every Sunday for I’m not quit sure how long, but they’re promising “all summer,” and there’s already been four of them. The latest, “Medusa,” is like Eddie Van Halen meets house music… which, again, sounds awkward, but just works.

Crank it up!

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