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Myrone’s New Track “Lightning Rod” is the Feel Good #softshred Jam of the Year


myroneAre you still recovering from the awesomeness of SNAKED, the collaboration between #softshred pioneer Hugh Myrone and DJ/producer Depressed Teenager? Welp, too bad: Myrone’s already back with a new track and, true to form, it’s probably the most fun you’ll have listening to anything all week.

Myrone goes the Europe/Survivor style on this jam, with a big, meaty guitar riff, rocket-fueled synth lines to match and plenty of razor-sharp #softshred. While “Lightning Rod” doesn’t have any words, it makes me feel like climbing a mountain in nothing but a loincloth and triumphantly hoisting my sword into the air upon reaching the summit. It’d be sweet if there were some babes there, too, so… why not, so many babes up on that mountain!

The track comes via Myrone’s Soundcloud page, where there are tons of other jams posted if you’re just getting hip. Stream it below, and don’t forget to check out SNAKED as well.

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